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Glossary of Terms

General Terms#


A segregated account within your Intilery instance with nothing shared between accounts.


A brand is a way to differentiate different products or brands used by the same set of customers. If you don't have multiple products, when using the API your brand ID will be the same as your client ID but in all upper case.


You are the client. If you have multiple segregated groups of customers you will have multiple accounts.

When using the API your account ID will the same as your client ID if you only have one account.


The act of recording what your visitors and customers do on a tagged channel.

Campaigns and Communications#


A message template to send to a customer through a channel. This will contain your merge tags to generate personalisation when the message is sent.

Dynamic Content#

Reusable blocks of content that can be build for use in the asset editor.


An instance of an asset send to a customer through a channel. e.g. an email or SMS.


A row of columns in an asset

Row Condition#

A rule to display or hide a row.

Saved Row#

A row of content you can drag onto an asset or asset template.


The configuration to send an asset to an audience at a given date/time.


The status of an asset


A new asset or edit to an exiting asset starts in Draft status. Once the draft is ready, you can Request Approval


An asset with a change that is waiting to be reviewed and approved. A reviewer can add comments and chose to Reject, or can Approve the asset.


A change to an asset can be rejected with a comment, so the editor can fix and re-submit for approval.


An asset that has been created or changed and has been approved for use. The asset will not be sent out until it is changed to a live status by choosing to Go Live.


An approved asset that is live and will be sent out to customers. Only one version of an asset can be live at a time. If you make a new version live, any previous version is archived.

You can choose to Archive a live asset.

If no version of an asset is live, then the asset cannot be sent.


A version of an asset that is no longer being sent.


A reusable staring point for creating an asset/message.


The version number given to an asset. This will increment with each change to the asset.


List of email or SMS that can be applied to an asset to restrict who can be sent that asset.

Customers and Customer Data#

Anonymous User#

A customer you cannot identify yet. Also known as a visitor.


A set of customers based on static (an upload) or dynamic (a query) rules.

Computed Traits#

Traits to apply to customers based on aggregation or calculations against events and properties that track customer behaviour for reuse in multiple audience definitions.


A single identifiable customer record.

External ID#

Shown in the Intilery Platform Customer details page. This is your User ID passed in through the API.

User ID#

Your unique identifier for a customer. This will not change over time.


Events and their properties that you send to Intilery.

Core Schema#

The standard events and properties defined and tracked by Intilery.


The customer properties that are set using and identify event. These are facts that you pass to Intilery about the customer and are not expected to change frequently.


Synonym for an anonymous user.

Controlling Access#


Identification details for someone who have access to the platform.


Allows or denies access to a specific action in the platform.


A policy groups a set of permissions for use in creating roles, or escalating a user's access.


A user has a role which determines what access to the platform they have.

You can define and manage which users are in which roles.

There are two roles defined to start with, and Administrator for you and an Intilery Support role for our support team if they need to access your account. You cannot change the policies assigned to these default roles.

Other Parts of the Platform#


Any errors that have occurred are reported here. This will indicate reasons why e.g. an asset didn't send if the merge data didn't match what was set up.


Live view of the events as you send them to Intilery.


Configuration for calling out to other systems through an API (REST) call.


A set of automated activities that are triggered on the actions of a customer.

Note that a journey has a status and version like an asset.

Journey Instance/Execution#

An instance of the journey as applied to an individual customer.


Where you can setup rules to block tracking for a User ID or carry out GDPR right to access/right to be forgotton requests.

Reporting / BI#

Advanced campaign/journey reporting and dashboards


The Intilery Tag to add to your website.

Test Customers#

Example records to assist testing integrations or asset merge tags.