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Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions. Please read these if you are new to Intilery.

How do I back fill / back populate my customers?#

In order to back populate your customers, you should first upload your existing customer records with the Audience Upload feature from an .csv file or batch send a set of identify events to the API

Once your customers have been uploaded, you can then batch upload the events with the track api for your customers in the format matching the schema you created and validated, see tracking events

What traits (fields/properties) can I add to my customer?#

There are a set of reserved trait names that can be used, these are detailed at common traits, traits are set as using the identify tag event or the identify api event or an identify event from one of our SDKs.

The common traits do not need to be validated.

Any addtional traits that you send that you have not validated, will need to be validated before they are saved against the customer, see validate schema for adding new traits.