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Troubleshooting iOS

Target has transitive dependencies that include static binaries#

This was due to an old CocoaPods limitation.

  1. Verify you are not using any previously needed workarounds

  2. Verify you are using at least CocoaPods 1.4

     $ pod --version 1.5.3
  3. Verify you are using the latest Intilery pods

     $ pod outdated  The following pod updates are available:   Segment-GoogleAnalytics 1.1.7 -> 1.1.7 (latest version 1.1.8)

No events in my debugger#

  1. Verify you have followed all Getting Started steps
  2. Verify you have entered the correct writeKey for your source
    • If the writeKey you have entered is something other than a string or an empty string your app may crash
    • If the writeKey you have entered is a valid form but is not the correct value, Intilery will return an error
  3. Enable logging to confirm if call is being sent to Intilery

Still having issues?#

Contact Intilery Product Support with the following information:

  • The version of our SDK you are using
  • Logs of the call in question
  • Screenshots of the event in the Intilery Events debugger